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Apply to Exhibit

• Call for Entries to a Juried Exhibition
• Call for Tips and Tricks  
• How to Apply for solo or group exhibitions

Call for Entries to a Juried Exhibition 

Art from the Inner World

June 19–July 31, 2020
Reception: July 10, 5–8pm 

ENTRIES DUE Friday, May 15, 1pm • Apply to Call for Enry today

Theme: Art Works Downtown seeks artwork by Bay Area Artists for the exhibition Psychedelia. Submissions should evoke the vibrancy of psychedelic art using methods such as distortion, surrealism, bright colors, full spectrums, fragmentation, warped shapes, or other creative ways of rendering altered consciousness. The intent of this exhibition is to honor psychedelic art by celebrating its manifestation in the artwork of today.



Juror: Kim Larson and Bradley Platz of Modern Eden Gallery.


  • SF Bay Area artists only. Artist applicants must live within 100 miles from San Rafael, California. NO REFUNDS will be given to applicants from outside this geographic. 
  • Open to all visual arts media. Video must include player, monitor, earphones, etc.; projections are prohibited. Video set-up must be tested before delivery.
  • Open to all visual arts concepts. Please note this is not an exhibition of historical artifacts.
  • Size limit: artwork must not exceed 72” by any dimension, including frame and all materials.
  • Original artwork only. No reproductions. Editions are acceptable.
  • Submissions must not have previously exhibited in the AWD 1337 Gallery.
  • Apply through AWD will not accept hardcopy, email, or disk submissions.phones, etc.;" alt="

Exhibition Calendar:

  • June 19–July 31, 2020: Exhibition Dates
  • Thur, May 15, 1pm: Entries due via CallForEntry.orgNote: Technically you have until 11:59pm Mountain time. We can only help with applications until 4pm on Thursday, Feb. 6th
  • Fri, May 22 or Sat, May 23: Notification by email. Note: you will receive separate emails for “invited” and “not-invited” submissions. Accepted entries have two weeks before delivery.
  • Sat, June 13, 1pm­–4pm: Deliver accepted artwork
  • Fri, July 10, 5–8pm: Reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk.
  • Sat, August 1, 10am–2pm: Pick up unsold artwork

Entry Fee:

$40 for a maximum of 3 entries. Discount provided to AWD Artist Members.

Online Entry:

callforentry logoAWD uses (CaFÉ) to process juried exhibitions. To submit entries, visit First create a free profile then upload images to your portfolio. Second, apply to this call. The CaFÉ website provides all the assistance you should need to prepare your submissions and apply. If you have trouble sizing your image(s), use the links provided below for help. Before you start, we recommend reviewing the CAFÉ HELP page. We also recommend reviewing our CAFÉ Tips and Tricks by going to CAFÉ Tips and Tricks by clicking hereIf you need assistance after using these resources, contact AWD to schedule an appointment with our staff prior to the due date.

• 3D/sculptural entries: Since you can only submit one image per entry, we suggest submitting one image with two views of the same piece.
• Free online image software: 
• Make sure you are using the most updated internet browser. Check the CaFÉ help page or use this link:


You will be notified by email. Note: you will receive separate emails for "Invited" and "Not Invited" works.

Delivery of Accepted Work:

Work(s) must be hand delivered to Art Works Downtown 1337 Fourth St., San Rafael between the hours of 1pm through 4pm. All work must be ready for installation. Artist name and title of artwork must be labelled on back. Wall hung work must be securely wired. If your artwork requires an unusual installation process, include clear and thorough typed directions and be prepared to help install your artwork during the following week if the Gallery Designer needs your help. No substitutes will be accepted for works approved by the juror. Please also deliver an artist statement and resume for the artist binder. We do not print these materials for you. The artist must sign a consignment contract upon delivery. If a representative of the artist delivers, the artist must call ahead to give the representative’s name.

Pick Up:

Pick up unsold work between 10am and 2pm. Artists who do not retrieve their work will be charged a storage fee of $3.00 per day. Works remaining after 30 days will become property of Art Works Downtown.


Art Works Downtown (AWD) accepts a 40% donation upon sale. AWD processes sales as follows. All checks and credit card sales will be made payable to Art Works Downtown. AWD then reports the sales tax and passes the net sale to the artist. The artist is responsible for donating 40% of the net sale total to AWD. It is not the artist’s responsibility to report sales tax.All sold artworks will remain in the gallery until the exhibition ends. Buyers can pick up the work on, or after, the last exhibition day. Sales will be paid to artists at the end of the exhibition within two weeks.

Liability and Image use Regarding Work Submitted:

Precaution will be taken to safeguard all work from loss or damage, but neither Art Works Downtown nor anyone connected with this exhibition will be responsible for loss or damage from any cause. Artist permits AWD to use images(s) of accepted works for AWD promotions.

For more information visit:, call (415) 451-8119, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

ENTRIES DUE Friday, May 15, 2020, 1pm • Apply to Call for Enry today

Click here for a downloadable prospectusClick here for a downloadable prospectus

Call for Tips and Tricks

Internet browser:

To ensure credit card security, CAFE requires clients to use updated internet browsers (such as Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer). Before you begin using, make sure your browser is up-to-date by going to this website: If you're version is not current make sure to update the software. If you are constrained by hardware limitations (example: old Mac's can't upgrade to new Safari), simply download a different, and current, browser. We recommend Firefox.

Image File format:

JPEG only, dimensions: No smaller than 1200 pixels on the longest side, resolution: 72 ppi/dpi, Size: 5 MB maximum. Make sure your images follow these parameters. If you are uploading an image and the process is taking a long time (longer than 5-10 minutes), your image is probably wrong. Unfortunately the CAFÉ message does not tell you this, it only says that it is loading and make take a while.

Learn more about CAFÉ.org image file requirements:

Free online image softwares to resize your image: 

Applying for a call:

Uploading images to your “Portfolio” and applying to a call for entries are two different processes. When you apply for an exhibition you will need to choose entries from your Portfolio by checking little boxes next to the images. If you only have three images in your Portfolio, you must check the box for each entry to submit that entry.  

Make sure to “PREVIEW” before checking out. Once you click “CHECK OUT” you can NOT change or correct your application.

Checking Out, Payment and Coupon Codes:

When you have looked at your application “PREVIEW” and you see all of your entry images, click “CHECK OUT.” This will begin the payment process. Follow the prompts to pay for your entries. Only credit cards are accepted. If you are an AWD Artist Member you can use your coupon code to receive an entry fee discount. Simply follow the prompts until it asks you for the Coupon Code (you will not see this right away). Then enter the code and proceed.

Philosophical Understanding:

We understand that the online application process can be frustrating and hope you will overcome technology to participate in our exhibitions. While the CAFÉ.org service is far from perfect, it is still a very helpful service for AWD and for many artists. As you apply through this process, we encourage you to take a deep breath, think logically (not emotionally) and take your time to thoroughly read the prompts and consider the buttons. If you are digitally challenged, you may want to find someone who is not overly challenged by the digital realm. Offer them a cup of coffee, fresh baked bread or small payment and remember that the digital world is always changing at an alarming rate. We’re just trying to keep up.


How to Apply for Solo or Group Exhibitions

Art Works Downtown offers a variety of exhibition opportunities and programs. Select a gallery to learn more about the specific application and proposal process.

• 1337 Gallery

• Underground Gallery

• Founders' Gallery

• 1325 Donors' Gallery