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Studio 33: Anne E. Wolfe

Acrylic, Prints, Mixed Media, T-shirts, Repurposed Furniture

Anne Wolfe Two Views of Time A Physics Lesson - 40x40
Two Views of Time A Physics Lesson, Anne E. Wolfe, 40" x 40".

Anne Wolfe How Do I Know I Exist 24x36 2019
 How Do I Know I Exist, 2019 Anne E. Wolfe, 24" x 36".


What Moved?, Anne E. Wolfe
Thank You Antimatter, Anne E. Wolfe



Still in your blue period? is often heard from people entering my studio. After some laughter and a longer look, they begin to relate to the artwork from the standpoint of their culture. An affinity for a particular shade of blue or symbol within a painting intrigues the viewer enough to ask about my process. Where, why, and how do I get my ideas?


Phone: 415.456.3977

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Anne Wolfe Studio is on ETSY

studio hours:
Wednesdays–Fridays 10am-3pm and by appointment